Beautiful Love Stories: How I Met my Fiancé

This week has been fun all the way, I was able to hit into the schedule of this wonderful bride called Damilola to get their beautiful love stories across to you all. I first read part of their love story on Instagram and just like in movies I felt like “no this can’t be the end”. Luckily for me, Damilola was willing to share her love story with me and also with all my readers. I need to warn you, this is going to be fun.

Damilola Share Their True Love Story

My family and the groom’s family are family friends, we do attend events that has to do with the families but Shola (the groom) mostly was not always around, and to me then, I see him as a proud guy because he was always on his own and he actually doesn’t relate much with people, though he usually comes home from school, he finished from the department of building (Obafemi Awolowo University), we hardly talk and I don’t have the boldness to relate with him too because I am proud as well as a girl and don’t want to respect him because everyone is always respecting him as one of the big old guys in the family.

A night before we got talking, it was a Passover night to the New Year, we saw in church, I was greeting everyone happy new year and he passed by. I wanted to seize the opportunity to talk to him so I greeted him happy New Year, but he snubbed me! I was really pissed and had to report to my cousins what happened, they were all laughing at me, it pained me the more, I couldn’t tell my younger brother because he likes him and always supporting him because he usually take the guys out.

The Beginning of Our Beautiful Love Stories

So I kept the pain to myself. The second day was 2nd of January 2014, my brother invited him to our New Year party; we actually didn’t expect him to come because he doesn’t go to parties. He would rather remain indoors alone chatting; he likes chatting on his phone a lot.

When he arrived at our party, we were all surprised that even my mom had to call me to go and entertain him, I was pained because I still hold that grudge against him for not responding to me a night before when I greeted him happy new year. But my mom insisted that I must be the one to entertain him, I did and he was smiling back at me with his flirtatious smiles but I couldn’t continue holding the pain so I had to smile back because the smile was contagious.

At that point I forgot he had offended me a night before, I offered him food but he said he would only drink, I got him something to drink and he started enjoying himself until it got to the dance part, I was dancing all alone with my sister until suddenly I just realized we had started dancing together. Little did I know that this would form the basis of our beautiful love stories.

I was so engrossed in the dance because he could dance a lot and I enjoyed myself dancing with him, he was not trying to get intimate or touch like normal guys, he was just dancing like a dance competition, I was engrossed that I almost lost myself. That was how beautiful love affair all started, we almost kissed while dancing.

After the party, I was expecting him to jump at me and collect my phone number like guys do, but he played proud again and asked just for my pin. I was like hmmm this guy is bursting my head the more; at that point, I fell Yakata!

We got chatting, damn! I couldn’t stop laughing; he is so hilarious, funny as anything!

The funny part was, he had a girlfriend, but the moment we started getting along, and he told me we would get married, I played along.

I for one don’t date someone who has a girlfriend but I couldn’t stop with him, his confidence, and assurance with strong beliefs about the future together with me made me have so much confidence too.

After a while he stopped with the person he was dating all for me and that was how it got better and better and it won’t just stop getting better.

When he traveled out of the country for his masters in September 2015, I thought the distance was going to be a barrier; however, it even got better because he made himself available at all time despite the time difference and his busy schedules.

At that point, I knew he was ready to give whatever it takes to make things work and if a guy does that, it means the relationship means so much to him; yes I missed him when he was away, but guess what? He made sure he comes home every summer just because of me and every time he is about to return back, he ensured we return together to spend time with him abroad for a while. He will always ask me at my leisure time to visit him rather than stay here in Nigeria.

He did something that swept me off my feet before he traveled; He informed my mom about our relationship and how serious he is with me. That made it easy for me to trust and believe him so much

Lots of guys would travel out and that’s the end. But he made it so easy even my friends told me we are always communicating more than those whose partners are in the country.

One day He sent his family to give me the first proposal ring.  I was still salivating on that when he pulled a surprise one for me this year. He came home unannounced for my convocation to propose to me officially himself. He is just too sweet that too much of him may give diabetes; a healthy one though! Lol

So you can imagine! I have never been happier all my life. Sometimes you have to bend rules when love hits you. I was always of the opinion that I can’t get married until after my masters, but that has changed. Right now I can’t even wait.

He is so interesting, am getting married to my best friend, my love, my confidant, my soul mate, my brother and my all. We are so close that there is nothing we can’t tell each other. Even our parents said they know we would run away together if anyone tries to come between us.

What I learned from our story is that, when you know your worth, you will be bold and convinced within you even before you start making moves, and also don’t judge a book by its cover. I won’t know how sweet he is if I had not gotten close. He knew from the start what he wanted and he went all out for it and gave everything it takes.

Look at me today, his own self-confidence aided mine and made me change my initial plan of getting married only after my masters! And funny enough I am happy about it and glad I am making the choice.

Join this beautiful couple as they tie the knot on 29th, July 2017. Follow the event on Instagram using  #dash17.  This is  Damilola & Shola beautiful love story, please drop your comments below, or share your own love story.


Bride: Damilola | @dharmiellollar_
Groom: Shola | @shorlhah
Photography: Michael Bolaji Photography | @michaelbolajiphotography
Event Planner: Serene Splurge Events | @serenesplurge

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